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Mayor's Column - Wednesday 15 February Mayor's Column - Wednesday 15 February

I wholeheartedly support the Gympie Times Editors’ comments today in ‘Our View’ regarding responsible management of social media. In Council’s instance, groups external to Councils have caused a great deal of unnecessary angst and in some cases anguish to Council staff members, sharing incorrect information and targeting individuals in on-line attacks.

Social media is an amazing communication tool. It allows us to share moments and images with loved ones and friends across the globe, allowing us as human beings to be more connected than we ever have before. It can be used as a powerful advocacy tool and have significant impact on society when used to positively change things for the better like in the recent case of generous community fund raising for injured ex St Patrick’s student Scott Hoare. Over 2000 shares of Scott’s Facebook page has assisted in a crowd funding to assist Scott.

Alternatively, if used negatively, it can destroy community and reputation. It can reflect the very worst in community as opposed to the very best. I would encourage all residents to think about the way they use social media and how it reflects on our community to the outside world. If all that is highlighted is the ‘negative aspects’ of our Region then that is all people will see.

There are some amazingly positive things happening in our Council and in our Region. Let’s all get on board to support and promote them. 

Cr. Mick Curran, Mayor