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Media comment: River to Rail trail and bushfire hazards in the region

Gympie Regional Council will respond to flood or water damage occurred after an event as part of the on-going maintenance program, the River to Rail Trail is included in this work as are roads, bridges and parks.

Media comment: Changes to infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges help council fund some of the major infrastructure work within the region, such as major water mains, sewerage treatment plant upgrades and regional parks.

Media comment: Increases to staff

Gympie Regional Council has not had a significant increase in staff numbers, however, the numbers will reflect Council’s move away from an employment model using external employment agencies.

Mayor's Column - Wednesday December 6, 2017 Mayor's Column - Wednesday December 6, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tony Perrett who has been returned as our representative in State Parliament.

As most would appreciate, it is vital for Council to work together with both Tony and our Federal representative Llew O’Brien to achieve positive outcomes for our region. 


It is also incumbent upon local governments to form strong relationships with not only their local state and federal representatives but also with the sitting government of the day. 

Regardless of one’s personal politics, I firmly believe it is that attitude – to work with the sitting government – which will continue to see funding and infrastructure results to build a better community for our residents.  

Cr. Mick Curran, Mayor

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