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Wildlife Carer Grants

Council, through the Environment Levy, is offering grants to registered Wildlife Carers in the Region.

Update: Les Lee Park

The new playground upgrade at Les Lee Park, Tin Can Bay, is now open to the public.

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 16 January 2019 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 16 January 2019

There has been some talk over the last week concerning new legislation from the Federal Government into how local Councils celebrate Australia Day.  I am more than happy to advise that Gympie Regional Council will continue with our Australia Day celebrations on Australia Day, as we have each and every year.

We will again be hosting the region’s Australia Day Awards to formally recognise the contributions of so many in our community, and the vast array of activities that those residents conduct to make the region such a wonderful place to live. 

As usual, we will be conducting our region’s Citizenship Ceremony, where new Australians who have made the decision to call our great country home are not only welcomed but also embrace our community and our values, which should make each and every one of us proud to be Australian. 

If you are unable to attend the formal celebrations at the Civic Centre on Australia Day, I would urge you to consider visiting the Aquatic Recreation Centre or one of our regional swimming pools, which Council will provide for free as a way for families and friends to celebrate the day.

Also in the media this week was an article concerning the Rattler. It is a shame that, at times, the negative news can outweigh the positive results that are being experienced and the benefits which our community receive. However, I have no doubt that the issues raised between the Rattler Railway Company and the Dagun Community Group will be resolved for the betterment of the wider community.  Both organisations must be recognised for their unwavering support to get the Rattler back up and running, and I have no doubt a successful resolution will be achieved.

Mayor Mick Curran