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Council crews busy with construction and maintenance work

Gympie Regional Council crews are busy this week, working on a number of major projects and road maintenance activities around the region. Maintenance activities Bus shelter maintenance :...

Council hedges bet on Duranta replacement

Did you know Gympie Regional Council maintains about 2658 square metres of hedge around the region? Over the next week, council staff will be working to replace the hedging at the Reef Street...

Community engagement to look at planning processes

Gympie Regional Council will roll out a stakeholder engagement program to better understand and improve the planning process. This project follows on from the past 12 months of community feedback...

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 17th July 2019 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 17th July 2019

One of most enjoyable aspects of my role is being invited to attend the annual general meetings and committee changeover functions of so many community organisations right across our region.  
I am continually amazed and impressed with the great work each one of these organisations do, not for themselves, but for our wider community.  
More importantly, the hundreds of community members involved in such clubs and organisations do so to make the lives of so many better, through significant fund raising efforts which are then distributed to really worthwhile causes.  
One aspect I always find is that the participants in these community groups are always positive and genuinely seem to have a great time while carrying out their important community obligations.  I would certainly encourage any new residents to our community to consider joining one of our many not for profit organisations or service clubs. Not only will you meet potential lifelong friends, but also make a personal contribution to better our community.  I know, that as a volunteer myself, the experience can be personally very rewarding.
On a completely different topic, I note and agree with The Gympie Times Editor in relation to her comments about a long and drawn out local government election campaign. My job is to continue to lead council so that we may deliver on the promised projects and initiatives, right across this region, which will grow the prosperity and liveability of our region. 

Mayor Mick Curran 

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