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A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 17th November 2021

A Message from the Mayor

Something that has always been very important to me as a Councillor and Mayor is to continually release information to the community. There should be no mystery about what Council is doing or why we have made a decision that can impact residents because we have informed and kept residents up-to-date as we go.

To me it’s simple; release all information.

This is an area that has challenged me as Mayor as it’s not always been possible to do it in the time frame that I desired. There have been times where I’d like information released and for various reasons we haven’t been able to, normally due to third parties being involved, legal matters or privacy issues.

Enter the Rattler Report.

It needs to be made clear that this report is about Council, it’s performance and project management, not the Rattler.

A report was requested in April 2018 to look at the project due to the continual budget blow outs and timing overrun. How did we end up with a $10.8 million project that cost rate payers more than an extra $7 million at the end of the 2018/2019 financial year that was, and continues to be, funded from your rates?

And that doesn’t include the millions spent on the Rattler since.

This report, that councillors and community were told didn’t exist by the past Council, was commissioned, written and drafts sent to the previous CEO up until September 2018.

The report that didn’t exist has existed for over three years.

Finally, we are at a point where the report can be released for community and residents to read for themselves. You can find the report on the council website.

It doesn’t paint a good picture, which won’t be a surprise for most. What is important is that we learn from our mistakes of the past and ensure we don’t repeat them again in the future.

You can find the Rattler Report by visiting

Mayor Glen Hartwig



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