Missed bins

Your bin may have been missed for reasons such as:

  • A bin service is not connected to the property. If you are unsure whether bin services are connected to your property, check your latest rates notice to see if a waste service is listed or  contact council
  • Bins were put out for servicing after 6am
  • The bin is not a Cleanaway bin or has been purchased privately (it may be from a different local government area)
  • There may have been long items protruding from the bin (lids should be able to close) 
  • The bin was too heavy to lift (truck lifting devices have an in-built safety cut-off at 70kg)
  • The bin was emptied but waste was stuck in the bottom of the bin
  • The bin is in an unsafe location or facing the wrong way
  • The recycling bin was contaminated with general waste, liquid waste, green waste, or hazardous waste
  • The waste bin contained liquid waste or hazardous waste.

Once the issues have been rectified your bin will be emptied the following scheduled bin day.

Bins can be emptied at any time between 6am and 6pm on your day of service.  

All of our Cleanaway trucks are fitted with GPS and cameras to ensure no bin is missed, however, if your bin was accidentally missed, please lodge an online customer request after 6pm on your day of service, or contact us on 1300 307 800 during business hours the following day and we will arrange for your bin to be emptied. 

If your bin was missed due to operational reasons, such as a truck breakdown, flooding etc. leave your bin out, and we will empty it as soon as we can.

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