Shop Gympie Region Gift Card

Did you know that for every $100 spent locally, it provides up to $180 benefit to the local economy through the multiplier effect? That’s why buying local is the best way to support businesses.

The Shop Gympie Region Gift Card is a unique gifting option where the card can only be spent at participating stores within the Gympie Region. This initiative is focused on keeping money local and reminding our community to re-consider their purchasing habits for the benefit of our local economy.

  • Thank your staff – thank your staff with a Shop Gympie Region Gift Card throughout the year or as an end-of-year bonus.
  • Perfect client gift – include a gift card as part of your corporate hamper to clients.
  • Market your business – host a competition or raffle with a Shop Gympie Region Gift Card included in the prize.
  • Charitable gift – give a charity, community organisation or person in-need the gift of purchasing essentials.
  • Fundraising – sporting clubs and community organisations can utilise Shop Gympie Region Gift Card as prizes in their fundraising raffles.

Information for Businesses

It’s free! – All business set up costs will be covered by Gympie Regional Council.

It’s easy to be involved – Once businesses are set up in the program, the gift cards operate like any other EFTPOS card.

Local support – Council staff will be on hand to support businesses to participate. A 24/7 support hotline through Why Leave Town promotions is also available.

Marketing and promotional support – Access range of marketing collateral available for you to download and use in your own campaigns.

It’s great for your business brand – Participating shows that you support the local economy and care about your local community.

Suitable for all types of businesses! – the gift cards aren’t restricted to only retail! It’s also great for hospitality, accommodation, beauty services, recreation, groceries & produce, automotive, fitness & wellbeing. Anywhere with an EFTPOS terminal!

Register your business today!


  • Cards can be purchased at a select number of stores that we call “Load Up Stores”. They can also be purchased online through the WLT website.

    The customer decides how much money to load onto the card – anywhere between $20 and $1,000 – this money can then be used to make purchases in any participating store in the Gympie Region.

    The cards can only be loaded up once, however the cardholder can use their card for multiple transactions across multiple participating stores, and can even check their balance online. When checking the balance online cardholders will be able to see a full statement of where and when the card was used, as well as the expiry date of the card.

    The cards have an expiry date three (3) years from the date of purchase/load up.

    The cards are manufactured with PVC plastic and contain a magnetic strip that is encoded with the card details. Each card has a unique identification number as well as a 4 digit pin located on the back of the card.

    The cards will work on all standard EFTPOS terminals as well as EFTPOS terminals that are integrated with a computer, and are made to the same standard as any of the bank issued debit style cards. They are required to be swiped through the EFTPOS terminal to transact, therefore they will not operate via pay wave.

    Participating businesses will be charged standard fees for each transaction that takes place on their EFTPOS terminal, as per their individual arrangements with their banks. That is, they will only be charged what they normally would be charged when transacting any other EFTPOS savings card. There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES charged by WLT.

    Lost & damaged cards - The cards need to be treated like cash, and hence if they are lost then this is just like losing cash.  However, if the card number is known then the card can be replaced.  Holders of the card are encouraged to register the card when they first receive it just in case it becomes lost.

Where to buy and spend your Shop Gympie Region Gift Card

  • Cards can be purchased ONLINE via the WLT website or from any of the Gympie Region “Load up stores” listed below.

    • Coming Soon
  • Do you have a Shop Gympie Region Gift Card and want to use it?  Access a full list of participating stores here

Information for Community

  • All money stays within the Gympie region. The gift cards are purchased in the area and can only be redeemed at participating stores in the area. By using the cards, Gympie Region shoppers are supporting jobs in their communities and investing in their local economy.

  • Having a great variety of businesses as part of the network means you can give someone a gift and they can buy anything they want! People can use it to go treat themselves or just take care of the essential items.

  • You can do all your gift shopping in one place. You don’t have to think about what to buy someone. It’s more thoughtful than cash only gifts.

  • How many times can the card be used?

    The gift card amount can be spent a little at a time or all at once. However, the cards can only be loaded once. This means that the initial value loaded onto the card cannot be added to.

    What happens if I lose my gift card?

    The gift card is like cash. It is non-redeemable if it’s lost. However, if the card number is known then the card can be replaced. It is for this reason that purchasers are encouraged to register the card online.

    How do I check the balance on my gift card?

    The balance of funds remaining on the card can be checked online via the WLT website. It includes a statement of where and when the card has been used, ant its expiry date.

    Where is the money that’s loaded onto the gift cards held?

    All funds that are loaded onto the cards are stored within a separate trust account.  No funds are held by Why Leave Town Promotions, Gympie Regional Council or the participating businesses.  This is vital in protecting the value of the card for the card holder. 

    The trust account sits with Cuscal, the largest independent provider of payments solutions for the Australian financial services sector.  Cuscal partner with more than 150 different companies, process more than three million transactions a day, and switch (i.e. transaction routing and processing) for over one-third of ATMs across Australia. To find more about Cuscal head to

    What happens with the funds when the cards expire?

    Card funds that remain after 3 years from being loaded will expire, in line with government legislation requirements.  The cards themselves expire 6 years after their printing date – regardless of if they have been loaded or not.

    Once cards expire then the holder of the cards cannot access this money.  The amount left on the cards at expiry is known as the breakage.  75% of any funds left on the card after expiry are returned to WLT (the remaining 25% go to the card providers that WLT use for this program).  Of the 75% that is returned to WLT, 100% of these funds are passed back on to Gympie Regional Council.  That is, WLT makes NO profit from expired funds in our programs. Given that the WLT brand is all about keeping money within local communities, we are very transparent about all breakage and do not want to be seen to be profiting from this.

    What systems won’t the cards work on?

    Please note that the cards WILL NOT work on Square, PayPal or similar card readers.  Although some of these terminals have a swipe function and will accept EFTPOS cards, these terminals operate differently to standard EFTPOS terminals, and hence cannot be ‘locked down’.  The locking down process is at the core of the WLT system as it is what ensures that the money can only be spent at participating stores.

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