Wildwatch Gympie

Wildwatch Gympie is an online service that lets you share sightings of our region’s threatened and priority native animals. Wildwatch Gympie also includes a form to record native animal vehicle strikes.

The information you give helps us to understand where the animals live and what threats they face. It also means we can better identify areas for conservation and rehabilitation.

You can use Wildwatch Gympie on your smartphone, tablet, or on a desk-top computer.

Access Wildwatch Gympie

Hint: You can save this link to your favourites or create a shortcut button on your phone (see the useful links and resources section for how to do this).

Wildwatch graphic


  • STEP 1: Take a photo (if you can)

    You can use your smartphone's built-in camera, but we encourage you to use a free camera App called ‘TimeStamp Camera Basic’. This app will ‘geo-stamp’ your photo and record your location (see the useful links and resources section on how to set this up).

    STEP 2: Submit a record 

    When convenient, you can submit a record by answering some questions, uploading your photo, and marking the location on a map. It’s easy to do and takes less than a minute.

    Wildwatch photo


  • You can access dashboards to get a summary of the data about a particular species or group of animals. The dashboards are best displayed on your desktop computer or tablet in landscape mode.

    Wildwatch dashboard


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