Sustainable food choices

You can help our environment and economy by making sustainable food choices.

Buy local food

Buying local food and produce means that our food doesn't need to travel long distances to get to our plates. This helps our environment. The Gympie region is home to many local food producers. Support the planet and support local.  

Buy seasonal food

Out-of-season food needs to be frozen, refrigerated or kept in storage. This means we are using extra electricity for cooling. It also means we need more land and buildings for storage facilities. This is not good for our environment so, as much as possible, buy seasonal food.

Grow your own food

Food from supermarkets travels hundreds or thousands of kilometres. Growing your own food can save money, improve your health and help the environment. And you don't need a lot of space. Grow vegetables in pots on your patio. Or set up a balcony or window sill garden. Of course, if you have a little extra room, backyard garden beds can be very productive.

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