Planning our Future

A new planning scheme for Gympie region

Gympie Regional Council is in the early stages of reviewing its planning scheme.

The planning scheme is our region’s 20-25 year master plan that strives to:

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  • ensure there is enough land for different types of development in different areas across the region
  • maximise our region’s liveability in terms of green spaces, community facilities and places to work and shop
  • plan for future infrastructure needs to support growth within the region
  • protect our natural environment and historical features
  • make our communities more resilient against natural disasters.

Once endorsed, a planning scheme is the framework against which development applications are assessed … so getting it right is important.

We want to hear from you to ensure the new planning scheme reflects the needs and aspirations of our community, and will seek more detailed feedback from our community in late 2022.

Council staff are currently engaging with important stakeholders through a series of face to face presentations to introduce the planning scheme. Click here to view the 'Soft Launch' powerpoint presentation (in pdf format).

As we work behind-the-scenes completing various planning and environment studies, why not share with us the things you love about our region and what you’d like to see more of? 

Please register your interest to receive project updates and (optionally) share your thoughts on our region. If you have a specific area of Gympie you are interested in you can get to our feedback form by clicking on the divisional areas of the map below.

Your feedback will help shape our draft proposals for the region, which will be shared as part of our community engagement from late 2022.

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