River Heights and Flood Classifications

The Bureau of Meteorology provides up-to-date information on rainfall and river heights in catchment areas across Queensland. 

River height recording stations along river systems are used to provide current measures of river heights to the Bureau of Meteorology so they can issue warnings and provide a graphic view of observations.  

The Bureau of Meteorology describes the severity of flooding at each river height station using a flood classification system. Flooding is defined as Minor, Moderate, or Major according to the effects in the local area or nearby downstream areas. 

  • Causes inconvenience. Low-lying areas next to watercourses are inundated. Minor roads may be closed, and low-level bridges submerged. In urban areas, inundation may affect some backyards and buildings below the floor level as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. In rural areas, removal of stock and equipment may be required. 

  • In addition to the above, the area of inundation is more substantial. Main traffic routes may be affected. Some buildings may be affected above the floor level. Evacuation of flood-affected areas may be required. In rural areas, removal of stock is required. 

  • In addition to the above, extensive rural areas and/or urban areas are inundated. Many buildings may be affected above the floor level. Properties and towns are likely to be isolated and major rail and traffic routes closed. Evacuation of flood-affected areas may be required. Utility services may be impacted. 

  • On council’s Disaster Dashboard, there are links to flood cameras in key locations across the Gympie region. These cameras provide visual information via the Queensland Government and are typically updated three times per day. Updates may occur more frequently when changes in water level are detected.  

  • Council’s Disaster Dashboard provides up-to-date information and warnings relating to bushfires, weather events, road closures, flood mapping and power outages. On the Disaster Dashboard you can sign up for council’s free ‘Opt-In Alerts’ service to receive text (SMS) and/or email notifications that will be sent during disaster events.

    Opt-In Alerts also allows you to select and receive alerts for river height notifications. Choose the river height level at which you automatically receive an email or SMS notification. Notifications are then sent when river height levels reach Minor, Moderate, or Major flooding. Click on the ‘Opt-In Alerts’ button and follow the prompts to subscribe. 

    Disaster Dashboard

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