Food safety programs

The Food Act 2005 requires some licensable food businesses to have an accredited Food Safety Program. This is to identify, document and control food safety hazards within a business.

Licensable food businesses must have an accredited food safety program if:

  • the food business involves off-site catering, e.g. provides catering at events
  • the main activity of the food business is on-site catering
  • the main activity of the food business is on-site catering at part of the premises where they are catering to 200 or more people on 12 or more occasions in any 12 month period, e.g. convention centre
  • the food business is part of the operations of a private hospital or processes or serves potentially hazardous food to six or more vulnerable people, e.g. nursing home, childcare facility.


Where do I need to do for my Food Safety Plan?


Step 1

Find templates to help you with your food safety program here:

Develop a food safety program | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (


Step 2

 Find an auditor to make your application for accreditation. They will need to provide council with written advice. You can find an approved auditor here:

Register of approved auditors - Food safety auditing | Publications | Queensland Government


Step 3

Complete the Food Safety Program Accreditation and amendment form.

Food safety program accreditation and amendment form.


Step 4

Send or post your fully completed application to council along with payment. Once your application has been received, council has up to 30 days to accredit your Food Safety Plan.

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