Civic Centre

Home of performing arts, the Civic Centre has hosted everything from performances to wedding receptions, meetings and conferences. This centre has showcased a diverse program of local and national events.

In recent years, its doors have remained closed for renovations, with the project facing several setbacks. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Civic Centre was converted into a COVID Vaccination Hub, and also transformed into an Evacuation Centre during the February flood disaster and as a recovery hub shortly after. These factors placed a hold on planned building works for a substantial amount of time.

Mould infestation

In April 2022, the centre suffered a mould infestation caused by a backup of stormwater and sewage during the February flood, filling the basement where the air conditioning units are housed.

The mould quickly spread throughout the building due to a combination of humid weather and an air conditioning intake located under the building. The intake was drawing in moisture and spreading dangerous mould spores to all corners of the building, including the roof cavity.

In October 2022, contractors started the mould remediation work. Most fixtures and fittings were removed due to the health risks they presented.

Council will be periodically sharing updates on the centres restoration. You can follow the progress by checking out the Gympie Civic Centre on Facebook.

While we are working hard to get on top of it, it is unlikely the Civic Centre will reopen in 2023.

Funding Information

The upgrade is funded by a number of agencies, including Works for Queensland, Bushfire Affected Council Grant, COVID Works for Queensland and an insurance claim to fund the mould remediation.

Photo gallery of the centre works below

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