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Emergencies and disasters can happen without warning. Developing a plan and preparing your business for an emergency will help you act quickly and minimise the impacts of severe weather events or disasters. A plan will help guide you and your business before, during and after an emergency event. The tips below will assist: 

  • Check your insurance is current and adequate. 
  • Maintain the property and location of your business. 
  • Back up and secure your data. 
  • Prepare an easily accessible list of emergency contacts. 
  • Review evacuation procedures. 
  • Create an emergency kit. 
  • Assign key roles and responsibilities to team members. 
  • Rehearse and revise to help plan for possible emergencies. 
  • Check your ABN details are up to date. 
  • Know where to go for information and warnings. 

Council’s Disaster Dashboard provides up-to-date information and warnings relating to bushfires, weather events, road closures, flood mapping and power outages. On the Dashboard, sign up for council’s free ‘Opt-In Alerts’ service to receive text (SMS) and/or email notifications that will be sent during disaster events. Click on the ‘Opt-In Alerts’ button and follow the prompts to subscribe. 

Disaster Dashboard

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