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Emergencies and natural disasters can happen anytime in Queensland, but particularly during bushfire, storm, and flood seasons. A well-prepared home is easier to defend and reduces the risk to the community and surrounding properties. Generally, keeping your home and premises in a clean and tidy condition will help minimise impact and damage in extreme weather events or disasters. Here are some tips to help prepare your home:  

  • Inspect your roof regularly for leaks and check gutters and downpipes for rust, loose fixings, blockages, or cracks.  
  • Clear gutters and roof of leaves, twigs, bark, and other debris. 
  • Cut back any trees and shrubs overhanging buildings (be careful of overhead powerlines). 
  • Check and fix corrosion, rotten timber, termites, and loose fittings on your home. 
  • Fit windows and doors with shutters or metal screens for added protection in high winds. 
  • Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from your house. 
  • Know where and how to turn off the main supply for water, power, and gas.  
  • Check and maintain any firefighting pumps or hoses, generators, and water systems. 
  • Seal gaps in external roof and cladding. 
  • Move flammable and/or loose items away from your home (such as woodpiles, mulch, boxes, hanging baskets and outdoor furniture). 
  • Check in with your neighbours. 
  • Know where to go for information and warnings. 

Council’s Disaster Dashboard provides up-to-date information and warnings relating to bushfires, weather events, road closures, flood mapping and power outages. On the Dashboard, sign up for council’s free ‘Opt-In Alerts’ service to receive text (SMS) and/or email notifications that will be sent during disaster events. Click on the ‘Opt-In Alerts’ button and follow the prompts to subscribe. 

Disaster Dashboard

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