Sheds, carports, decks and patios

Most building and structures will need a building approval.

A Class 10 building includes the following sub classifications, as per the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia):

Class 10a is a non-habitable building including a private garage, carport, shed, or the like.

Class 10b is a structures that is a fence, mast, antenna, retaining wall or free standing wall or a swimming pool, or the like.

Some minor building work such as lawn lockers and pergolas (unroofed) do not require a permit, however they must comply with the Building Regulation 2021 Schedule 2 Accepted development requirements.

To apply for a building permit, follow these steps.

To apply for a building permit, follow these steps

  • You must meet the following criteria as per the Amenity and Aesthetics Resolution 4 November 2015 Table 3 – Assessment Criteria.

    Performance Criteria

    Class 10 (Garages, Carports, Sheds and other structures)

    PC5 Buildings or structures are of a size, bulk and form that is in keeping with the character of the area.

    PC6 The location of the building or structure provides for an acceptable streetscape and does not adversely impact upon the amenity of neighbouring properties.

    PC7 Buildings or structures are designed and sited to visually integrate with the dwelling house and avoid dominating the street by minimising the: (i) Width of the structure; and (ii) Projection of the structure forward of the main face of the dwelling house.

    Railway carriages, shipping containers and the like

    PC8 Railway carriages, shipping containers and the like do not detract from the visual character of the area and are sited behind an existing dwelling house on the land.

    Referral checklist for building work

    Concurrence Agency Referral application form 

    Amenity and Aesthetics Resolution 

  • Step 2.

    If there are plumbing fixtures to be installed in the building, a plumbing approval is needed.


  • Complete the checklist and make sure that you include all the requested details for each item so council can process and assess your application.

    Class 10 structures checklist

  • Complete the following Development Assessment (DA) forms:

    DA form 2 - Building work and details 

    Referral checklist for building work

  • Submit your application to council either in person at 29 Channon Street, Gympie, by emailing or by post to Gympie Regional Council, PO Box 155, Gympie QLD 4570. Payment of relevant fees is required when you make application.

  • When your building application has been approved, you will receive a development application decision notice and approved plans will be sent to you.

    The permit number will be at the top of the approval and we will need this number when you book any inspections.

    To book an inspection email  or call 07 5481 0490.

    A minimum of twenty-four hours’ notice is required. Allow a one hour variation to inspection time, and one hour for the inspection to be completed.

  • The final inspection on any outstanding items and the collection of certificates.

    All the required information will be in your development permit decision notice.



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