Property searches

A great deal of property information is available through our search service. You can request a land search for a fee. Please refer to the following information sheet for specific information about the details and content of each individual land search option.

Some of these searches can only be requested by property owner. If you are not the property owner, you may require the owner's consent and/or appropriate documentation to lodge your request.

Rates and water searches

  • Property Search
  • Standard Rate Search
  • Full Rates Search
  • Fast Track Service
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Urgent Special Water Meter Reading

Planning and development certificates

  • Limited Planning and Development Certificate
  • Standard Planning and Development Certificate
  • Full Planning and Development Certificate

Health and environmental searches

  • Records Search & Premises Inspection

Building and plumbing searches

Owners consent is not required for the following building searches:

  • Copy of Certificate of Classification
  • Form 19 Request for Building Information
  • Copy of House Drainage Plan

Owners consent is required for the following building searches:

  • Building & Plumbing Report (includes plans)
  • Building Report (no plans)
  • Building Plans only
  • Commercial Building and Plumbing Report (includes plans)
  • Building and Plumbing Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Building only Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Commercial Building and Plumbing Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Certificate of Classification and Inspection
  • Copy of Building or Plumbing Final Certificate
  • Pool Fence Compliance
  • Pool Safety Certificate


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