Dog Registration and Ownership


The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 requires domestic dogs to be microchipped and registered with council from the age of 12 weeks.

You can register your dog online here.


Dog registration renewals are issued in late September and are due on the 31st October each year.


More than 2 dogs

If you have more than 2 dogs registered to your property, you will need a licence - refer to Keeping more than 2 animals licence. 


Replacement dog tag

All dogs must wear their Gympie Regional Council registration tag at all times.

If your dog has lost their tag, you can request a replacement dog tag here.

You will receive your replacement tag in the mail.

Change of details

Update dog registration details using the online form for:

  • Change of address

  • Deceased animal

  • To receive dog registration notices via email

Online change of details form.

To submit a new Microchipping or Desexing Certificate:


Post: Gympie Regional Council, PO BOX 155, GYMPIE  QLD  4570

Write your dog tag or animal number on the document or email.



Other responsibilities

  • All dogs must be walked on a leash if outside the boundary of the property they are registered.  Unless they are on Council's off leash dog park. 
  • Dogs must be registered and have the council tag attached to their collar.
  • If any animal defecates in a public place, the person who has control of the animal must immediately remove and dispose of the faeces in a sanitary way.

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