Flood Assistance and Recovery

Floods can bring significant relief to people and ecosystems experiencing prolonged drought, however they can also cause significant and widespread damage and impacts. The effects of flooding can be devastating for individuals and communities. They can cause loss of life and livelihood, damage to homes, businesses, schools, roads and infrastructure, the environment, as well as a loss of livestock and crops.  

Floods can have physical and mental health impacts. Recovery is complex and can often take years. 

Better informed is better prepared. 

Together we can take active steps towards being more resilient. Building the resilience of the Gympie region community means we are better prepared, together. The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) describes Queenslanders as disaster resilient when: 

  • We understand our risk 
  • We work together to better manage disaster risk 
  • We seek new opportunities to reduce disaster risk 
  • We continually improve how we prepare, respond and recover from disasters 

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