Sewered sites

Sewered sites are connected to our sewerage system which moves waste from your home or business to our treatment plants. 

Do you need a plumbing application?

If the plumbing work is for the construction of a new house, shed or other Class 1a and 10a building, you will need to apply for a plumbing application.

If the plumbing work is for the construction of an existing Class 1a and 10a building, you may not need an application, so give us a call on 1300 307 800 to see if one is necessary.

To assist you with the plumbing approval, follow the application process below.

  • Submit your application with:

    • the above forms and any necessary associated plans
    • site classification report and drainage articulation design (if required)

    To Gympie Regional Council, 29 Channon Street, Gympie

    Or post to:

    Gympie Regional Council, PO Box 155, Gympie QLD  4570

    Payment is needed when you apply.

    All Fees and Charges – Gympie Regional Council

  • When your plumbing permit has been granted you will receive the plumbing compliance permit information notice.

    The approved plans will be sent to you.

    The permit number will be at the top of the approval and we will need this number when you book any inspections.

    To book an inspection email  or call 5481 0456.

    Requests for inspections of plumbing work must be received before 10am the day before the inspection is required.

    Please allow one hour for the inspection to be completed.

  • Final inspection and final inspection certificate

    The final inspection certificate will be issued if all the authorised plumbing and drainage work done under the permit is:

    • compliant

    • operational and fit for use.

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