Future Planning

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is currently underway which explores the costs associated with building a new waste management facility and decommissioning Bonnick Road once the Eastern Cell has reached its end of life, which is anticipated to be in the next five years. No sites have been identified at this stage. We will continue to update this page when information is available.

Waste Strategy 2024 – 2034

Council is working on the Waste Strategy for 2024-2034 and looks forward to sharing the DRAFT strategy in July 2024. This strategy will pave the way for the region as we head towards resource recovery and a more sustainable future for Gympie.

The future of Bonnick Road

Once Bonnick Road has reached its end of life, the site will be decommissioned as a waste disposal facility. Once a waste disposal facility is decommissioned the land is restricted against certain types of redevelopments. Council is currently exploring the transformation of the site into a community Resource Recovery hub, to better sort and recover recyclable resources.

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