Some chemical items around the home are dangerous. We have a safe way of getting rid of a range of household hazardous waste items.

  • Saturday 9 December 2023
    North end of Bunnings carpark

    Gympie region residents can drop off hazardous household waste for free on designated collection days. Disposing of hazardous chemicals in your general waste or recycling bin is not safe as they can be flammable, corrosive, explosive or toxic. These materials can potentially cause fires in bins or garbage trucks and create a hazard for truck drivers and the community. These chemicals should also not be tipped down the drain as they can disrupt the function of Council water treatment plants and are toxic to the environment. You can dispose of the following hazardous waste items safely at a free drop-off day at

    Bunnings Gympie (North end of carpark) on Saturday 9 December 2023, 9am to 12pm.

    Items must remain in their original containers, have lids and not be mixed. A 20 litre limit for each chemical or product applies.

    • Insect sprays 
    • Metal polish and solvents
    • Floor care products 
    • Brake fluid, Motor oil, sump oil and gear oil Petrol and marine fuel
    • Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides and weed killers 
    • Paints and mediums
    • Dry-cleaning solvents 
    • Fibreglass resins
    • Swimming pool chemicals 
    • Photographic chemicals
    • Smoke detectors 
    • Compact fluorescent light bulbs

    This service is for residents only.

    Commercial quantities will not be accepted.

  • Farmers in our region can dispose of dangerous chemicals in a safe way.

    ChemClear visits towns across regional Australia around once a year and collects chemicals from farms. Farm chemicals need to be in original containers, have a product label, not mixed with anything else and within two years of expiry.

    Items that don’t meet the above are still collected, but a per litre fee applies. Call or email ChemClear on 1800 008 182 or visit ChemClear website if you have chemicals you need to dispose of.

    For more on ChemClear visit

  • Chemicals from businesses and schools need to be disposed of by a licenced hazardous waste collection company.

    Call Cleanaway on 13 13 39 or Toxfree on 1300 869 373 for more information.

  • You can get rid of paint for free at the Paintback collection point at the Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility in Gympie. 

    The unwanted paint is taken to a treatment plant where waste liquid and packaging are separated. The containers are recycled and the solvent paint is used as an energy source. Water is separated from acrylic paint and reused. 

    We accept 100 litres per vehicle per visit in containers of 20 litres or less.  

    For more info on Paintback go to

  • If you have clean, empty agricultural or vet chemical containers at home, drumMUSTER can collect and recycle them. Make sure the containers are non-returnable metal or plastic. They will accept containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litre/kilogram used for chemicals in the following industries:

    • agricultural and livestock production
    • industrial and recreational pest and weed control
    • forestry
    • household pest control operations
    • similar activities conducted by government authorities.

    Display the drumMUSTER logo on the container, on the chemical label, embossed into the container wall or applied as a sticker. Triple rinse the container so there is no chemical residue left inside or on the threads of the lid.

    Council operates drumMUSTER collections at:

    • Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility. Within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary. Report to the recycling shop on-site (or weighbridge if the shop is closed).
    • Kilkivan Waste Management Facility. Within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary. Report to the site attendant.

    Goomeri Management Facility. Within normal operating hours - no appointment necessary. Report to the site attendant.

For more information regarding Special Waste Categories see our pages below:

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