Online Maps

Use Our interactive online maps to look at:

  • property and land information
  • town planning zones and overlays
  • council facilities
  • aerial images


Web Map Service (WMS)

Please note that the below mapping services are currently undergoing upgrading and will be unavailable for the next several weeks. The GIS Data Files of the Planning scheme datasets are available on our website at this location 

Town Planning data available via this service are:

Planning Zones and Planning Precincts:

Aerial Imagery data available via this service are:

Air Photos (2020):


Region Maps

The following regional maps are available for download:

Localities (A1 size)

Regional Map (A3 size)

City Map 1 (A0 size)

City Map 2 (A0 size)


Electoral division maps can be found below:

# Name Size (in bytes) Size File Type Download

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