Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility but it’s not always easy to know where to start, check out our helpful tips and tricks below!

Water saving tips

    • Consider waterwise plants in your gardens. plants such as some natives are drought hardy and require minimal water to thrive once established. They are also great for ecological diversity!
    • Add some compost or mulch to your garden beds to help keep moisture in the ground for your gardens to absorb slowly.
    • Water your garden in the early morning or evenings to reduce evaporation
    • Have a pool? Did you know a pool cover can drastically reduce evaporation and the need to top up your pool?
    • Use a brush on your driveway instead of hosing it down to reduce the amount of water you use outdoors.
    • Wash your car with a bucket instead of a hose!
    • Regularly check your tap for leaks, leaky taps not only waste valuable water but also your money!
    • Cut showers down to 4minutes – 60% of water usage occurs in the bathroom!
    • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and use a cup to rinse.
    • When washing your clothes or dishes only start a load once it is full.
    • Switch to water efficient appliances, dishwashers are one of the biggest water wasters!
    • You can also place a bucket under the shower and collect the cold water before it runs hot. This valuable water would normally be lost down the drain and can be used to water pot plants (as it does not contain any detergents or soaps).

Our system at a glance

Our system at a glance Did you know graphic

Tap Talk

To generate awareness of water and how it is managed in the Gympie Regional Council area, a water education program targeting primary school age children has been developed, Tap talk!

The aim of the program is to educate school age children about how water and sewerage is managed in the Gympie region as well as what role we all play in helping our water and sewerage network flow efficiently and how we can use our precious resource wisely.

Tap Talk is based on existing water education programs across Australia as well as a range resources from Australia’s water industry, all aligned to Australia’s national curriculum to encourage uptake among local area schools.

If you would like more information on Tap Talk or to book in, please contact councils Water and Wastewater team on 1300 307 800

    • A 20 – 30 minute in-class presentation - Ever wonder how water makes it from nature to our tap at home? We’ll talk about where water comes from, how it gets to our taps, where it goes when we’re finished with it and what we can all do to manage this precious resource to help foster positive waterwise habits.
    • Tap Talk will also include a number of activities to consolidate learnings.
    • We are also pleased to offer site tours of our water and sewerage treatment plants to see first hand how water is treated in our region.

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