Advertising signs

Advertising signs cannot be placed on Council controlled land, except in special circumstances and Council has approved the request.




Can I advertise my vehicle for sale on council controlled road or reserve?

Under the Local Laws and the Transport Operation (Road Use Management) Act 1995, you cannot advertise your vehicle for sale on council controlled road or reserve. 

You may be issued with a fine and the vehicle may be towed at your expense.


Do I need planning approval to place an advertising sign on private property?

You may need to submit a development application, refer to our Advertising Devices Code Factsheet for further information.


How do I report an advertising sign that is creating a hazard?

If the sign is on Council controlled land, road or private property

Contact us on 1300 307 800 for Council to investigate.

If the sign is on a Main road

Contact the Department of Main roads on 13 12 30.


Where can I find out more information about the advertising devices code?

Council have provided a factsheet with more information regarding the advertising devices code.

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