Memorial Park Bandstand (Rotunda) Project

Memorial Park is one of the region’s most significant landmarks and has a wealth of history since opening in 1921. It is a place the community gathers to celebrate important milestones such as weddings, high school formal photos and remembrance days and more.

In February and May 2022 the Bandstand (Rotunda) was devastated by flooding which caused significant damage. As a heritage-listed site, specialist care is needed to repair and restore the structure and this will take some time. 

Memorial Park Story

An important part of our recovery as a community from the events of last year is to share just how special this place has been and will continue to be for many years to come.

In late January 2023, large corflute signs following the story of the Gympie Regional Libraries’ ‘Memorial Park’ book. Capturing the history of the Bandstand and surrounding park the story follows the rich history of the park dating back to 1919.

Visit the park to explore the story or read it online by visiting the Libraries’ past in print webpage.


As a heritage site, council is bound by strict regulations and approval processes before construction can get started. Council is working closely with our partner agencies regarding the heritage specific requirements and approvals to not only restore the Rotunda but better strengthen it against future disaster events.

Works are due to commence in September and are expected to be completed before the end of year subject to weather and construction conditions.





Rotunda banner