Waste Management Facilities

We have waste transfer stations in Goomeri, Gunalda, Kilkivan, Mary Valley, Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Widgee. Our main waste management facility is at Bonnick Road, Gympie.

Waste transfer stations are better for the environment and cost less to run because the waste is in bins. This:

  • eliminates windblown rubbish
  • eliminates food sources for vermin, wild cats and dogs
  • reduces sharp waste on ground
  • provides a clean, tidy area.
  • You can bring any of the following waste types to the waste transfer stations:

    • household waste
    • bulky household items
    • green waste
    • scrap metal
    • household recyclables
    • commercial waste
    • waste motor oil.

    Our transfer stations cannot accept the following waste:

    • cooking oil
    • contaminated soil
    • liquid waste
    • distress beacons (EPIRBs) You can drop these off at Enirgi Batteries, Mellor Street, Gympie
    • commercial quantities of engine oil
    • chemicals – they need to be disposed of during council's free chemical drop of days
    • car bodies and car parts containing automotive liquids.
    • Separate your waste beforehand.
    • Be prepared to make a payment. Waste disposal charges apply to some waste types. Electronic payment facilities are available at most sites.
    • Use a small bin or container to transport waste or plastic bin liners or bags. 
    • Wear closed in shoes to minimise risk of injury.

    Waste fees and charges

  • Recycling is free and good for the environment. Separate your load and recycle the following:

    • metal objects such as roofing iron
    • engine oil (quantities less than 20L)
    • car batteries
    • cardboard
    • all items that are accepted in a yellow-lidded recycling bin (i.e. mixed recyclables) 
    • re-sellable/second-hand items (accepted by recycling shop)
    • electronic waste (specific items from residences only)
    • most paints.
  • You can take your old tyres to the following sites but you will need to contact a recycling company to take bulk quantities:

    • Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility
    • Rainbow Beach Waste Transfer Station
    • Kilkivan Waste Transfer Station
    • Goomeri Waste Transfer Station
    • Tin Can Bay Transfer Station.

    There is a cost to dispose of the following:

    • domestic-use tyres (motorcycle, car and 4WD tyres)
    • all tyres from businesses
    • all tyres fitting commercial type vehicles (i.e. forklift, bobcat, tractor, truck).

    Tyre disposal charges

  • We use rural landfills to store waste across the region. These landfills are built into or on top of the ground and are designed to bury waste so it remains dry and has no contact with air.

    Because the waste does not break down fast over time, the landfill gets full and needs to be closed. These areas need to be cared for so the surrounding environment is not affected. The costs of landfilling have risen due to increased environmental regulations. With over 10 historical council landfills across the region, the expense to council is significant. Council's landfill rehabilitation program is funded by our waste levy.

    Did you know...

    Landfills need to be monitored for groundwater, storm water, landfill gas, stability, and maintenance for up to 30 years after the landfill closes. Monitoring of landfills costs council around $130,000 per year.

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