Native animals

Flying Foxes

The grey-headed flying fox is a protected species. If you see a flying fox roost, please help by:

  • Not disturbing nests. If a roost is disturbed, the colony might split. This could mean that two or three colonies could become many more.
  • Seeking help for sick or injured flying foxes. If you find a sick, injured or orphaned flying-fox, do not touch it. Instead, contact a local wildlife care organisation or the RSPCA Qld on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). They will arrange for a fully-vaccinated wildlife rescuer to come and help.

Council has prepared a fact sheet for people living near a flying fox roost.

Gympie Guardians

Council has identified 12 species of native animals described as our Gympie Guardians.

These animals are important because they support many other species as a food source or by creating habitat. Council wants to understand the numbers and locations of our Gympie Guardians and other priority species.

To do this, we have developed Wildwatch Gympie. Wildwatch Gympie is an online service. It lets members of the community share sightings of our region’s threatened and priority species. It also lets us record native animal vehicle strikes.

You can use Wildwatch Gympie on your smartphone, tablet, or on a desk-top computer.

Our Gympie Guardians are:

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