Gympie Regional Council reads the water meters twice each year with the reading cycles starting in May and November. The consumption/usage charges appear on your rate notice when issued in January and July.

For residential and commercial properties with a water meter, a Water Advice Notice is included in the Rates Notice showing water consumption data.  

It is the responsibility of the property owner to regularly check their water service for leaks.


Why have I received a courtesy High Consumption Advice?

If you have received a high water consumption advice letter, it is because council found a significant increase in the water consumption for the property when your meter has been read.

The reason for the increase could be due to reasons such as:

  • A water leak

  • Changes to the number of people in the home

  • Changes in weather patterns i.e. low rainfall

  • Establishing new lawn or gardens

  • Change in water habits

  • Filling or topping up pools.

Take a look at the FAQ's below regarding water.



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