Establishment or Occupation of a Temporary Home

There are a range of reasons why people want to live in a temporary home. Temporary home occupation provides opportunity for landowners/residential caretakers to reside on their property under an establishment or occupation of a temporary home approval while their permanent dwelling is being built, or to accommodate family or friends in a caravan on the dwelling allotment for 2 weeks in any 8-week period.  

Council has adopted local laws which provide the legal framework for ‘good governance’ within its region.

Local laws provide for regulation of certain activities to manage unwanted impacts on the community.

These activities are defined as ‘Prescribed Activities’ and it is an offence to undertake these activities without an approval.

The Gympie Regional Council Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011 (‘the Local Law’) provides that the “establishment or occupation of a temporary home” is a prescribed activity.

Establishment or occupation of a temporary home’ is defined as ‘the erection, construction, installation, positioning or placement of a structure used or intended for temporary use as a place of residence’. This includes caravans/motorhomes, cars, vans, bus, tents etc.

Please note that council compliance policies adopt an initial ‘community resolution approach’ for managing complaints between neighbours. Managing issues associated with the occupation of temporary homes by means of respectfully communicating within the neighbourhood assists in maintaining harmonious relationships. This may also include third party mediation. Formal enforcement action taken by council is considered a last resort and can often result in breakdown of relationships and ongoing neighbour disputes.

Council has developed a Complaint Guide to help you to:

  • resolve temporary home related concerns between neighbours without immediate Gympie Regional Council intervention; and
  • provide a process to escalate the issue to a formal complaint where a remedy facilitated between neighbours is not practicable or fails.

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