Water leak FAQs

  • To check for a water leak, read your water meter and write down or take a photo of the reading (including the red numbers, which indicate litres).

    Wait at least one hour before reading your meter again, remember not to use any water, even to flush the toilet during this time.

    If the reading has changed, you may have a water leak.  Please contact a licensed plumber to investigate.

    For safety reasons never leave a water meter box that is open, unattended.

  • Water leaks can be expensive, so regularly check the following to make sure they are not leaking water:

    • Showers, toilets and taps (don’t forget any outdoor taps)
    • Irrigation
    • Plumbed in fridges
    • Hot water system
    • Pools, spas, ponds.
  • All water leaks including water pipes and fittings from the water meter to your property are your responsibility to repair and maintain. 

    If you find a leak, contact a licensed plumber to investigate as soon as possible. All expenses are your responsibility. 

  • If you find a water leak and have it repaired, the repair is your responsibility and at your expense. However, you may be eligible to apply for a reduction in your water consumption charges. To confirm if you are eligible for an undetected leak allowance, please read the below form.

    Undetected water leak form

  • Council can arrange for your water meter to be tested for defects. An upfront payment of $93.00 is required for this test to be arranged. If the water meter is found to be faulty (greater than 5 per cent difference) this amount will be refunded.

    Contact us on 1300 307 800 to make this payment and book a test.

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