Gympie Aerodrome

The Gympie Aerodrome is 13.3km south of the Gympie Town Centre and 73km north of Maroochydore BC (Sunshine Coast). Gympie Regional Council owns and manages the Aerodrome at 20 Lobwein Road, Kybong.

There are flight training and aircraft maintenance businesses based at the Gympie Aerodrome. It is also the home of the Gympie Aero Club, Sunshine Coast Gliding Club and Gold Rush Skydiving.

Permission to Operate

Below is an application form to operate at the Gympie Aerodrome. You can apply for up to 12 months, but you will need to give a minimum of 5 working days (where possible) before your first requested access date. If this is not possible, please refer to the current En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) for contact with the Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO).

Once approved by the ARO, you do not need extra permission within the application period.

Permission to Operate

Annual Aerodrome Usage Permit Application

The En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) is issued on a 13 week cycle and contains Gympie Aerodrome specific details including:

  • remarks;
  • handling services and facilities;
  • aerodrome and approach lighting;
  • Air Traffic Services (ATS) and aerodrome communication facilities;
  • local traffic regulations;
  • common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF);
  • additional information; and
  • charts related to the Gympie Aerodrome.

ERSA (Current) 

231130 ERSA FAC YGYM - 1

ERSA (Superseded)

230907 ERSA FAC YGYM - 1

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