Caring for our wildlife

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During summer many of our native species are displaced after storms or are active in search of food, water, and shelter to cool down. This often puts them in precarious situations with increased risk of vehicle strikes and attack as they venture into unfamiliar environments.

Spare a moment to care for our wildlife this summer by following these helpful tips:

  • Drive slowly and carefully between dusk and dawn: Our wildlife is most active between dusk and dawn as most prefer moving during the cooler parts of the day. Slow down and report any injured wildlife to local wildlife groups.
  • Provide water: With hot and dry weather the risk of wildlife drinking spots drying up increases. To help our wildlife, leave a bowl of water in your backyard easily accessible to thirsty birds and other animals.
  • Ensure pets are appropriately restrained: Keep domestic pets restrained at night and attend to any backyard dog barking promptly - you could have a native visitor travelling through your backyard.
  • Save wildlife rescue numbers in your phone: For easy and quick access, we recommend saving numbers of local wildlife rescue and carers in your phone.

Useful resources

For a comprehensive list of wildlife rescue and carers in the Gympie region, visit supporting injured wildlife

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