Access to Information

Gympie Regional Council is committed to being open and accountable.

We already make a large amount of information available to residents in an open and friendly way.

Information is available via this website, leaflets and numerous other publications.

Our publication scheme sets out classes of information that are openly available.

There are a number of other ways to access information. Before requesting information, contact us to discuss the best way to access the information you would like.

Some information is available via paid council services, such as a property search.


Right to Information (RTI) access

Right to Information is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information.

Under the Right to Information Act 2009, you have a statutory right to access information held by government unless, on balance, release of the information would be contrary to the public interest.

You can find out more information on how to apply here.

Disclosure log

Council’s disclosure log contains documents released under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) where they do not contain the applicant's personal information or information not suitable for publication. The disclosure log contains a summary of the information requested but does not identify the applicant. Certain information will not be included in the disclosure log for example if the information:

  • is prevented by law from publication;
  • may be defamatory;
  • would unreasonably invade an individual’s privacy if it was included in the disclosure log;
  • is, or allows to be ascertained, information - of a confidential nature that was communicated in confidence by a person other than the agency; or
  • that is protected from disclosure under a contract;
  • would cause substantial harm to an entity if it was included in the disclosure log.

Where documents have been determined suitable for release as per the below schedule, they may be provided by contacting the Governance Team by:


Ref. No.

Date of Decision

Information requested

No. of Pages


11 November 2019

Operation of MX Park



23 December 2019

Development of Waste Transfer Station



14 January 2020

Food Business Licence Holders



7 April 2020

Staff Survey Documents Parts 1 - 4



16 June 2020

Environmental Assessment Work



15 September 2020

Simpkins Reserve Brooloo



14 October 2021

Application process for the position of Coordinator – Property Management, Gympie Regional Council.



22 March 2021

Policies, management plans and other information relating to the management of rat’s tail grass. This included general biosecurity information.



22 March 2021


3 September 2021

Environment Levy Information


Environment Levy Report




2021-2022-003 25 March 2022 Glastonbury Road, Southside (development documentation) 2,671
2021-2022-006 27 May 2022 Information regarding an accident that occurred on 13 December 2018 at intersection of Bruce Highway and David Drive, Curra. 80


Information Privacy (IP) access

Gympie Regional Council collects, uses, stores and disposes of personal information in accordance with its privacy statement.

The Information Privacy Act 2009 provides safeguards for the handling of personal information held in the public sector environment and provides a mechanism for people to access and amend their personal information.

Personal information documents include information on any matter of personal or private concern to an individual.

When you want to access and amend documents containing information about your own personal information, you will have to show proof of identity.


Administrative access

The term 'administrative access' refers to the release of information other than by an access application under the Right to Information Act 2009 or the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Our administrative access scheme is used for responding to a specific request for information.

The scheme is designed to give individuals access to their own personal information to information that is non-sensitiveThe aim of an administrative release framework is not to restrict disclosure of information, but to ensure third-party interests are not compromised.