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Managing the risk of extreme weather and bushfires is a shared responsibility. It's important to prepare your property for storm, flood and bushfire hazards. Here are some tips to help: 

  • Reduce vegetation along access paths.
  • Trim low hanging branches of trees.
  • Mow or slash grass regularly and keep your yard tidy. 
  • Remove flammable debris and materials such as long dry grass, dead leaves, and branches. 
  • Contact your local council or energy company if you think trees in your street may pose a threat to your property or power lines. 
  • Secure, weigh down or put away any loose items around the house, yard, or balcony. Items such as potted plants, outdoor furniture, garbage bins, and trampolines can become dangerous missiles.
  • Ensure your street number is clearly visible from the road so your property can be easily found.
  • Consider any plans you need to make to ensure the safety of pets or livestock. 
  • Know where to go for information and warnings. 

Council’s Disaster Dashboard provides up-to-date information and warnings relating to bushfires, weather events, road closures, flood mapping and power outages. On the Dashboard, sign up for council’s free ‘Opt-In Alerts’ service to receive text (SMS) and/or email notifications that will be sent during disaster events. Click on the ‘Opt-In Alerts’ button and follow the prompts to subscribe. 

Disaster Dashboard

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