Doing business with Council

  • All council tenders can be found by searching Gympie Regional Council at VendorPanel or at QTenders.


  • Businesses and suppliers must apply via  VendorPanel 

    1. Visit the VendorPanel Marketplace website at
    2. Choose the relevant business categories and enter contact details. You will then be sent an invitation to join VendorPanel Marketplace.
    3. Click the link in the email and complete a business profile. Once registered, businesses/suppliers become visible to council purchasing staff.
    4. Council will send a request for quote to businesses/suppliers when relevant goods and services are required.
    5. Businesses/suppliers will then have the opportunity to accept the request and submit a quotation response.
    6. Council then assess quotations and award work to the successful business/supplier.
  • Make sure that the email you have registered with on VendorPanel is up-to-date.

  • In accordance with s228(8) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Regulation), council may decide not to accept any tenders it receives.

    Council reserves the right to invite tenderers to change their tenders pursuant section 228 (7) (a) and (b) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 and Local Government Act 2009. 

    During the tender process, council may request the tenderers to change their tenders due to changed circumstances or requirements. Each tenderer will have an equal opportunity to change their tenders.

  • Council assesses each tender on criteria which is set prior to the commencement of the tender process and included in the tender information so as to be transparent to all tenderers. Tenders will be assessed on both price and non-price criteria.

  • Yes, the result will be published on VendorPanel.

  • You can submit a feedback request through VendorPanel for one of our officers to respond.

  • For more information on VendorPanel Marketplace please email council’s Procurement team.

To view contracts over $200,000 or our 2023-2024 Procurement Plan, click on the PDF's below.

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Refer to the below documents for our request for quote and tender process terms.

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