My Flood Plan

To be prepared for future flood events, it is important to have a flood plan. A flood plan will form part of your emergency plan, help you consider your unique risks, and minimise potential impacts. 

Explore the links below to help you better understand your flood risk, increase your flood awareness, understand flood warnings and alerts, and know where to find up-to-date information. 

You can find more information on preparing for flooding at the Queensland Government and Get Ready Queensland. Find details about:  

  • understand your risk 
  • packing an emergency kit 
  • preparing an emergency plan 
  • flood insurance 
  • home maintenance 
  • flood resilient homes 
  • planning for your pets 
  • resources for our vulnerable persons and groups 
  • fact sheets in languages other than English 

In a major weather event or hazard, the Disaster Dashboard will provide up-to-date information and the Bureau of Meteorology will provide regular warnings.  

For Businesses

Preparing your business for natural disasters is important business.  

Get Ready Queensland has some great information to help: 

Disaster Preparedness for Business

All the key details you need are covered, including: 

  • A downloadable business continuity template 
  • How to complete your own business evacuation plan 
  • Packing a business emergency kit 
  • How to train your staff 
  • How to find emergency information 
  • Tourism business 

The Queensland Government also has very useful information on flood preparedness for small businesses. Take some time to review the information and prepare before you need to. 

Flood preparation for small business

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