Construction & Demolition

Construction and demolition waste from the Gympie region is accepted in large loads at the Gympie Waste Management Facility, and up to 1m3 loads at our Transfer Stations.

  • For any asbestos material, please make an appointment to dispose of it at the Gympie Waste Management Facility. Charges apply. See our Asbestos Disposal page for further information about how to safely dispose of asbestos.

  • Concrete and masonry waste can only be disposed of at the Gympie Waste Management Facility. Concrete and masonry cannot have other objects protruding and must not exceed 200mm diameter.

  • Timber must be clean and untreated. This excludes timber that is treated, painted, laminated or varnished. It also excludes chipboard, veneer, fibreboard, plywood and melamine.

For more information regarding Special Waste Categories see our pages below:

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