Cooloola Coast Monitoring App

The purpose of the project is to develop an app that can be used to gather information utilising community input and be a platform to engage and inform the community about the Cooloola Coast. The data gathered via the app can then be used to inform and refine council’s coastal hazard adaptation planning.

The project will enable council to start collating information to look at change and impacts, as well as understand what is resilient in and along these coast lines. Any learnings from this can then be applied to resilience enhancement projects and restoration works.

In order to design an app to best suit the needs of the community, this project will follow four phases:

Phase 1: Survey

The development of a community and stakeholder survey to inform the scope of the app. The aim of the survey is to identify and help council understand key areas that the community is most concerned about. It will also allow council to explore what is important to the community now and into the future.

Survey has now CLOSED

Phase 2: Release of results

Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey. You can view the results here

Phase 3: App development and testing

This phase is expected to take several months while the tech gurus iron out bugs and receive feedback.

Phase 4: App launch

The countdown is on, we are hoping to have this completed by end of 2023 – stay tuned!

The Coastal Monitoring App is proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s QCoast2100 Program.

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