Air pollution

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, if you create air pollution you may be issued with a direction and warning notice from council to fix the issue. If you do not fix the issue, you may get an on the spot fine or be prosecuted. 

If you are experiencing air pollution, the first step is to speak to the person responsible for causing it, as they may not be aware of how their actions are affecting others.

If this approach doesn’t work, lodge an online customer request or call 1300 307 800.

Sometimes this will not fix the issue, even with council’s help, so refer to the neighbourhood dispute resolution process which may help.

The following are some suggestions to reduce the impact of most air pollution.

How to reduce dust:

  • Check the weather conditions before starting work
  • Do not remove vegetation as this keeps the dust down
  • Build a dust fence
  • Water topsoil
  • Use products such as hydro mulch for large areas

How to reduce spray drift:

  • Check the weather conditions before starting spray work
  • Use accurate spraying equipment
  • Build a barrier such as sheets or hessian
  • Think about using a different location such as a commercial spray booth

How to reduce odours:

  • Keep your property tidy and do not allow vegetation or rubbish to pile up
  • Check weather conditions before starting work that will create an odour such as fertilising
  • Cover your compost bins

How to reduce smoke from a chimney:

  • Choose firewood carefully – wet or green timber produces more smoke than dry aged timber
  • Do not burn manufactured timber products or treated/painted timber
  • Stack wood under a dry ventilated area – wood should be air-dried for at least eight months before it is ready to burn
  • Keep air controls open
  • Clean and maintain your chimney at the start and end of each winter

How to reduce light:

  • Check the location of the light installation
  • Get appropriate barriers or lamps
  • Use low voltage bulbs
  • Install a timer for outdoor lighting

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