Bin collection

Collection days

General waste bins are serviced weekly and recycling bins are serviced fortnightly in all parts of the region.

Due to peak demand, during school holidays Rainbow Beach residents receive:

  • Waste services every Monday and Friday.
  • Recycling services every Monday.

Bins are serviced as normal on public holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Council has developed a free app called Gympie Council Recycling Guide. You can use it to find your bin service days, set a reminder for putting your bins out, check what you can put in your waste and recycling bins, how to dispose of other waste, and find information about council’s waste management facilities. The app can be used on smartphones and other smart devices.

Download the app today from the Apple App Store (for iOS/apple devices) or Google Play (for android devices).

Alternatively, please contact us to determine your day of service. 

Your responsibilities

To ensure your bin is collected, please check the correct day of service and ensure:

  • the bin is in kerb position by 6.00am on the collection day, handle towards the house, with the lid closed
  • the bin does not block pedestrian pathways or vehicle access
  • the refuse and recycling are not cross-contaminated
  • you have bagged all loose rubbish, for example dust, kitchen scraps and grass clippings
  • you have not bagged the recycling
  • the bin is not overloaded (maximum weight is 70 kilograms).

Bin placement

After your service

Bins must be removed from kerb position as soon as practical after collection. Bins left out are a safety hazard.  If you have a concern about bins causing a safety hazard, lodge an online customer request or contact us.

Missed collection

If your bin hasn't been collected by 6pm on your collection day, contact us and we will arrange to have your bin collected as soon as possible.

Extra collection

Extra bin collections are available for a fee. Contact us for more information.

In-home collection

In some circumstances, (for example to support people with disabilities) we are able to provide an in-home collection service. Contact us for more information.

What can I put in my waste bin?

Any general household waste, other than items specified below.

What can't I put in my waste bin?

  • Any liquid waste
  • Medical waste, needles and syringes
  • Household and industrial chemicals
  • Motor oil
  • Gas cylinders
  • Heavy items, such as car parts and tree stumps
  • Heavy construction & demolition waste, such as concrete, bricks and timber off-cuts

Needles and syringes need to be placed into a rigid plastic container with a tight fitting lid (e.g. sharps container) and can be disposed of at the Gympie Hospital.

If liquid chemicals (household) can’t be used up within the household, they can be surrendered to council during a chemical collection day. Please phone contact us for further details.

Small quantities of motor oil can be taken to a waste management facility and emptied into the waste oil shed.  Allow the container to drain, then dispose of empty containers as general waste. Empty metal containers can be placed onto the metal stockpile for recycling.

Small LPG gas cylinders and fire extinguishers can be taken to a waste management facility for recycling. Council does not accept large (household sized) LPG cylinders and industrial gases, such as oxygen and acetylene. These should be returned to or collected by the company that owns the bottle.

Garbage collection trucks cannot lift bins if they are too heavy. Heavy items can be taken to a waste management facility for disposal.


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