Reducing waste

An average family generates enough waste to fill a house every year!

If you recycle by filling your household recycling bin and/or taking your recyclable waste to the local Waste Management Facility, then you are already reducing your waste going to landfill.

What more can I do?

Consider the following waste minimisation techniques to help reduce your waste that is currently going to landfill:

  • AVOID - Ask youself if you really need the item. Consider how you will dispose of the item after its life.
  • REDUCE - Live a litter-free or low-packaging waste lifestyle. Buy in bulk and choose long-life products and reduced packaging options.
  • REUSE - Choose second hand goods, pre-loved items, and refillable containers.  Choose repair over replace. Find new ways to use items.
  • RECYCLE - Close the manufacturing loop and use resources again to save money, water, energy and the environment. Turn your food and garden waste into compost and liquid fertiliser.
  • RECOVER - Capture the energy available in discarded products eg. collecting landfill gas from the decomposition of organic waste to generate electricity.
  • TREAT - Treat waste prior to disposal to reduce its hazardous nature eg. clinical waste, regulated waste or stabilised organic waste.
  • DISPOSE APPROPRIATELY - If there is no viable alternative to protect waterways, bushland and wildlife.

Smart shopping


  • how you will dispose of the packaging for items
  • if similar items can be bought with less packaging
  • how you will dispose of the product when you don't need it anymore?
    (eg. mobile phones or batteries)
  • can you buy in bulk or refill the container?

Say NO to plastic bags, take your own reusable bags.