Proposed Amendments to the Planning Scheme


Why amend the Planning Scheme?

The process of amending a Planning Scheme is a normal and necessary part of maintaining the integrity of Council’s planning framework and something that most local governments undertake periodically. This process seeks to improve the clarity of planning policy and operation of the Planning Scheme in facilitating growth and investment, guiding good development outcomes, as well as responding to changing community needs.


Current proposed amendments

The Gympie Regional Council’s Planning Scheme commenced on 1 July 2013. Since that time, Council has identified and implemented a number of amendments to the Planning Scheme. The most recent proposed amendments to the Planning Scheme – Amendment Package 2 – are being proposed to:

  • support better planning outcomes and more efficient development assessment
  • clarify existing policy decisions
  • set new policy based on informed planning investigations.

Some of the proposed changes will ensure that the Planning Scheme incorporates new and updated data from State Government (e.g. Bushfire Hazards), whereas other proposed changes are more specific to the region and respond to the changing way the community is using its spaces; whether that relates to requirements around dual-occupancy living, car park zoning, or home-based business considerations.

The proposed amendment – Amendment Package 2 – can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Thank you for getting involved

From 8 July to 2 August 2019, Gympie Regional Council invited the community to provide feedback on Amendment Package 2. Interested parties were invited to prepare a submission about any aspect of the proposed amendments as outlined in the above document links.

At the end of the consultation period, Council had received 77 submissions from individuals, businesses, and community-based organisations.

Click here to download the consultation report which summarises the submissions received during the formal consultation period and details Council-endorsed recommendations on how to proceed with each submission.