Kandanga Township Drainage Investigation

In response to a number of calls from the Kandanga community, Gympie Regional Council has initiated an investigation into the surface and ground water quality in and around the Kandanga township.  

While the town’s drinking water is perfectly safe to consume, initial testing has revealed an elevated level of some bacteria in Kandanga Creek. 

As a result, Council requests residents to avoid contact with the water in the areas outlined in the map below and not undertake water-related activities (swimming, canoeing etc).

Access to these areas will be closed and signage and fencing erected. 

Some points to remember

If you have had contact with the water

If you have consumed, ingested or come into contact with the water in the highlighted areas there is no need to be concerned. Simply follow standard hygiene practices; wash your hands with soap, or shower if appropriate. However, If symptoms of ill health do appear after coming in contact with water, contact your doctor for further advice.  

Drinking water

Drinking water is not affected and is not a part of the Kandanga Township Drainage Investigation.

Kandanga’s town water is treated through a filtration and disinfection process and is tested weekly from three separate locations to ensure compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

Livestock and irrigation

Test results indicate there is little or no risk to livestock or irrigators who draw water from Kandanga Creek. 

Some frequently asked questions

How did this happen?

The investigation is continuing. Council will be in contact with residents when more information is available.

Where to from here?

Council officers will continue to conduct water testing of the natural drainage line located north of Main Street at Jack Spicer oval and Kandanga Creek downstream from the Kandanga-Amamoor Bridge. 

There are a number of options which are currently being explored in order to rectify the situation. Once these have been identified, we’ll be in contact with you. 

For more information or updates visit www.gympie.qld.gov.au/kandanga or phone 1300 307 800.


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