Do Not Spray Register

Council offers landholders the capacity to register on the 'Do Not Spray Register'.

This register is maintained to assist landholders with undertaking alternate methods of weed and vegetation management on Council road reserves adjacent to their properties.

The landholder placement of signs on their property boundaries is a critical component to this process working effectively.

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A guide to weeds of significance and local native alternatives

This booklet is designed to help you recognise invasive weeds of the region that may be growing in your garden and gives tips on how to responsibly manage them, and offers suggestions of native alternatives. This information can be downloaded from the Weed Society of Queensland

Other useful links

Gympie Region Biosecurity Plan 2018-2022

The Gympie Region Biosecurity Plan 2018-2022 provides a guide for invasive species management in the region.

It includes invasive plants and animals identified in the Biosecurity Act (2014) as well as other invasive species which have significant local impacts.

Gympie Region Wild Dog Control Plan 

The Gympie Region Wild Dog Control Plan has been developed by Gympie Regional Council to assist landholders  to coordinate and concentrate community efforts in wild dog control.

The purpose of the plan is to establish three priorities in wild dog control for Gympie Regional Council, the community, and affected regional industries