Water Supply


Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the reticulated water supply throughout the region.  Digital maps of the water service areas are available below. Printed maps are available for a fee.  Contact us for more information.

Interruptions or abnormalities to service

We will publish any scheduled interruptions to the water supply on our website.  Please complete a customer request or contact us if you experience any unforseen interruptions or abnormalities to your water supply.

Water consumption

Serviced residents are encouraged to be water wise and to monitor water consumption on their water meter.  Being aware of potential waste will assist you to conserve this precious resource and avoid paying excess water charges.

Gympie Regional Council has a two part water tariff for all water schemes.The two part tariff describes the way ratepayers are charged for water through their property rates and charges.

Water supply (private)

Residents experiencing problems with a private water supply may contact us for advice.

  • Mosquito proof rainwater tanks are permitted throughout the region, and must be cleaned out as necessary.
  • Rainwater catchment areas and guttering should be regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Untreated creek or dam water should not be used for domestic proposes (toilets excepted).

There are several reticulated private supply schemes eg. The Palms and Nahrunda, which council has no control over. Water from the schemes is untreated and is considered not suitable for drinking unless further treated.

Water testing

We provide the below types of water analysis for a fee:

  • microbiological analysis of drinking water

  • analysis of the physio-chemical quality of drinking water

  • microbiological analysis of swimming pool water.

For information about treating drinking water supplies and maintenance of rainwater tanks, see Domestic water supply information.


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