Waste transfer stations

Waste transfer stations have been established as rural landfills have been progressively closed for rehabilitation at Gunalda, Rainbow Beach, Kilkivan, Goomeri and Tin Can Bay.

The benefit of waste transfer stations is that waste is enclosed in bins, which:

  • eliminates windblown litter
  • reduces future generation of landfill leachate and gas
  • eliminates food sources for vermin, wild cats and dogs
  • reduces sharp waste on ground
  • provides a clean, tidy hardstand area 

The operation of a waste transfer station is also cost effective as it eliminates the ongoing cost of machinery required to compact and cover waste, as well as reducing costs in managing environmental impacts from landfills.

Waste types

The following waste types are accepted at the waste transfer stations:

  • household waste
  • bulky household items
  • green waste
  • scrap metal
  • household recyclables
  • commercial waste
  • waste motor oil

Household and commercial waste should be placed in the 3m3 waste bins at waste transfer bins. The bins are emptied by Council on a regular basis. This waste will be disposed of at the Gympie Landfill in Bonnick Road (which is the only lined landfill in the region).

The 3mwaste bins are designated for household-sized quantities of general waste. Please separate any recyclables or bulky items from the general waste and place the general waste into one of the 3mbins waste for disposal. 

Clean green waste placed in the green waste stockpile is mulched for beneficial reuse. Likewise, scrap steel and bulky household items separated into the designated stockpiles will be removed and either recovered, recycled or landfilled at Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility.


Bulk waste

Bulk quantities of waste (such as rigid trucks and skip bins) cannot be placed in bins at transfer stations. These need to be delivered to Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility in Gympie. 


Using waste transfer stations

  • Separate your waste beforehand to easily unload into designated areas at the waste transfer station
  • Be prepared to make a payment. Waste disposal charges apply to some waste types. Electronic payment facilities are available at most sites
  • Use a small bin or container to store/transport waste or transport waste in plastic bin liners or plastic bags. 
  • Wear closed in shoes to minimise risk of injury

To minimise the number of trips you may make to a waste transfer station, please contact Council on 1300 307 800 to ask about receiving a wheelie bin service.