Waste Management Facilities

Council’s main Waste Management Facility is at Bonnick Road in Gympie. There are also transfer stations at Goomeri, Gunalda, Kilkivan, Mary Valley, Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Widgee.

The conditions of entry to our facilities are:

  1. Offensive and abusive language and/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. Full adherence to all traffic rules including the displayed speed limit signs is mandatory.
  3. All vehicles must give way to site machinery.
  4. Compliance with signage and requests of site staff is mandatory at all times.
  5. Enclosed footwear is mandatory. Bare feet, thongs or sandals are not permitted and entry will be refused.
  6. Dispose of waste and recyclables only in the approved locations (management reload fees may apply for any waste incorrectly declared or disposed of in incorrect area).
  7. Truthful declaration of the contents being presented for recycling and/or disposal is mandatory. Illegal dumping penalties may apply.
  8. It is mandatory for all waste presented to the gatehouse to be clearly visible and uncovered.
  9. Out of region fees apply to waste from outside the Gympie region. Proof of residency and/or source of waste presented may be requested.
  10. Children must be supervised and remain in the vehicle at all times.
  11. Animals must be restrained and remain in vehicles at all times.
  12. Unlawful entry, unauthorised scavenging and unauthorised disposal of waste is prohibited.
  13. Any waste not clearly identified on the site signage cannot be accepted at this site (examples of waste not accepted at this site include chemicals, emergency beacons, explosives or radioactive materials).
  14. Lighting of fires or smoking or vaping (inc. e-cigarettes) is prohibited at this site.
Site safety
  • We use rural landfills to store waste across the region. These landfills are built into or on top of the ground and are designed to bury waste so it remains dry and has no contact with air.

    Because the waste does not break down fast over time, the landfill gets full and needs to be closed. These areas need to be cared for so the surrounding environment is not affected. The costs of landfilling have risen due to increased environmental regulations. With over 10 historical council landfills across the region, the expense to council is significant. Council's landfill rehabilitation program is funded by our waste levy.

    Did you know...

    Landfills need to be monitored for groundwater, storm water, landfill gas, stability, and maintenance for up to 30 years after the landfill closes. Monitoring of landfills costs council around $130,000 per year.

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