Development Applications on Public Notification

More information on public notification, including how submissions can be made, is available on the Queensland Government website.

Material Change of Use and Associated Operational Work (2017-0200)

File Number: 2017-0200
Comment Period:  7 June to 28 June 2017
Physical Address: Kidgell Street, Gympie Qld 4570
Property Description:  Lot 325 MCH4763
Proposal: Material Change of Use and Associated Operational Work - Third Party Advertising Device (Double Sided Free Standing Non-Moving Sign) 
Assessing Officer: Curtis McMillan


Supporting documents

Development Applications – General

Council is in receipt of a development application for a renewable energy facility (350mw solar farm) at Lower Wonga/Woolooga.

A copy of the application material is made available below.

Please be aware that this application will undergo a formal notification period in the near future, where the public will have an opportunity to make a submission during that time. Any submissions made during the notification period that are deemed ‘properly made’ Queensland Government will attract rights of appeal to the Planning & Environment Court.

Any submissions received outside of this formal notification period or that do not meet the criteria to be deemed ‘not properly made’ will be taken into consideration but will not receive appeal rights to Council’s decision.

Once the application commences the formal notification period the application will be available in the ‘Development Applications on Public Notification’ section of Council’s website with the comment period clearly identified.

Please contact Council’s Development & Compliance unit on (07) 5481 0454 or email or further information.

Material Change of Use – Renewable Energy Facility – Solar Farm 350mw (2017-0591)

File Number: 2017-0591
Comment Period:

Public Notification has not commenced.


Wide Bay Highway, Phillips Road & Gympie Woolooga Road, Lower Wonga

Property Description: Lot 235 LX2129, Lot 236, 237, 243 & 244 LX496, Lot 2 & Lot 3 RP183439
Proposal: Material Change of Use – Renewable Energy Facility – Solar Farm 350mw
Planning Officer: Kasia Fuller

Supporting documents:

Date received Document name File type File size
25 May 2017 DILGP - Information Request PDF 319kB
22 May 2017 Energex - Referral Agency Response PDF 627kB
12 May 2017 Information Request PDF 400kB
9 May 2017 Extension to Information Request Period PDF 388kB
5 May 2017 Powerlink Advice Agency Response PDF 452kB
3 May 2017 Ergon Energy - Advice Agency Response PDF 428kB
27 April 2017 Figure 1 in Planning Report  PDF 464kB
27 April 2017 UGL Design Panel Overlay  PDF 482kB
21 April 2017  Acknowledgment Notice  PDF 2.2MB
19 April 2017 Landholder Consent Letters  PDF 941kB
18 April 2017 Covering Letter – BI16051  PDF 258kB
18 April 2017 IDAS Form 1  PDF 571kB
18 April 2017 IDAS Form 5  PDF 405kB
18 April 2017 IDAS Form 27  PDF 606kB
18 April 2017 Engineering Services Report PDF 2.3MB
18 April 2017 Planning Report  PDF 1.6MB
18 April 2017 Waterway Barriers and Fish Habitat Report  PDF 5.5MB
18 April 2017 Road Impact Assessment  PDF 12MB
18 April 2017 Flood Report PDF 1.7MB
18 April 2017 Noise Impact Assessment  PDF 4.7MB
18 April 2017 Reflectivity Assessment  PDF 2.0MB
18 April 2017 Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment PDF 2.0MB