Traineeships at Council

Six Council trainees recently completed their traineeships and each received a Certificate III in Business or Local Government.

To celebrate this wonderful achievement, Council is profiling the trainees next week on social with a short bio and photo of each trainee throughout the entire week.

On top of that, there will be a two page spread in the next edition of the Roundup with each trainee being showcased. This two page story will also be published on Council’s website as part of the careers section.

Finally a short video has been produced by Council’s Communications team, showcasing their wonderful achievements.

Please view the video below.



Congratulations team on your achievement.


Naomi Roache - Trainee Officer - Administration (Rates) Certificate III in Business.

Before starting with Council, Naomi worked in the hospitality industry where she learnt the importance of good customer service skills. While working in hospitality she had a keen interest in pursuing a career in local government and found the traineeship advertised on Council's website.

Naomi loves numbers and has been able to apply that interest within the rates department by completing a variety of tasks including processing direct debits, change of ownerships and a variety of administration tasks. Naomi enjoys working with the rates department and found the entire team very supportive and willing to help her learn on the job.

She found the traineeship to be beneficial as it allowed her to pursue a career in local government and she was able to apply the information in the modules she studied to her job. Naomi has a keen interest in learning other aspects of finance including payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Elizabeth Parke - Trainee Officer - Administration (Gallery) Certificate III in Business


Libby was studying a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History at the University of New England before undertaking her traineeship with Council. Libby was looking for work when a family member informed her about the traineeship being offered.

Working in the Gallery appealed to her as she was a frequent visitor as a child and really enjoyed it. Libby learnt a lot during her traineeship, including interpersonal skills, such as leadership and teamwork and she mentioned learning while working was an aspect of the traineeship she enjoyed.

Libby's daily duties at the Gallery included completing exhibition reports, helping the volunteers at the front counter and setting up new exhibitions. Libby found working with the gallery staff very inspiring, as the team are driven and passionate about their work and she appreciated how helpful they have all been. Libby enjoys working in administration and she said the skills she has learnt from her traineeship will help her with whatever she does in the future.  


Lauren Theodore - Trainee Officer - Administration (Water Business Unit) Certificate III in Business


Before starting her traineeship, Lauren was a personal assistant for a small business. She heard about the traineeship when it appeared on an employment agency website. The first module she studied during her traineeship was workplace health and safety and she learnt just how important that is to a workplace, especially in an organisation the size of Council.

She also learnt about management and how to communicate with staff, which she was able to practically apply with her team in the Water Business Unit. Lauren has been putting her hand up to work in other departments, including the finance department, where she assisted entering invoices for the Accounts Payable team.

Lauren said it was eye opening to see the complex processes that are undertaken to ensure the Gympie region has clean drinking water and an effective sewerage system. Lauren said the team supported her through the entire traineeship and she enjoyed the environment created by the Water Business Unit. Lauren plans on furthering her education with a University degree, studying a Bachelor of Business.


Kirsten Moreland - Trainee Officer - Administration (Kilkivan Branch) Certificate III in Business


Kirsten was working for a local fruit and vegetable business before she commenced her traineeship with Council, which she heard about through social media. She recalled the selection process involved completing a questionnaire and a group interview with representatives from different departments within Council.

Kirsten found the ability to dedicate time to the traineeship while at work helpful in managing her workload. Kirsten is involved in a lot of activities at the Kilkivan Branch Office, including customer enquiries, maintaining records and assisting the other administration staff where possible.

Kirsten highlighted how great working in Kilkivan was and how the Branch Office helps connect the communities of Kilkivan, Woolooga and Goomeri to the rest of the region by providing important services to residents. Kirsten also mentioned she was never afraid to ask her team a question because they were always willing and happy to help. Kirsten is very excited about where the future will take her and is looking for something that will challenge her and allow her to learn new things.


Amy Quinlivan - Trainee Officer - Administration (Library) Certificate III in Business


Before commencing her traineeship, Amy was working at a local supermarket as a cashier until she heard about the traineeship opportunity from a family member. She recalled her traineeship consisted of 12 modules and a dedicated trainer would assist her with each module.

Amy's daily activities at the library include cataloguing books, inter library loans, helping customers at the front desk and setting up kid’s events. When Amy began working at the library, she was surprised at the amount of activities and options the library offers the community apart from lending books.

While working with the team at the library, Amy had been supported and felt she could contribute her ideas and the team took on board any suggestions she provided. Amy said that traineeships not only enhance your technical skills, but they allow people to learn about teamwork and experience what it is like to work in a specific occupation. Amy wants to continue in administration and said now that she has her Certificate III it opens up so many avenues for her in the future.


Alex Crossley - Trainee Officer - Administration (Planning and Development) Certificate III in Local Government


Alex was volunteering as an administration assistant for a local charity before starting his traineeship at Council. Alex said he enjoyed the traineeship, in particular learning about quality assurance, communications and formatting documents correctly.

Alex worked with a variety of teams including Regulatory Services, where he dealt with dog registrations, parking infringements and State Penalties Enforcement Registry enquiries. He also worked in the Plumbing, Building and Environmental Health departments, where he learnt an array of skills specific to each area.

Alex loved being able to work with a variety of teams who supported and gave him the confidence to complete his traineeship. Alex said that traineeships are important because they encourage our youth to experience a real work environment with different people and backgrounds who support you when you need it.