Property searches

You can request information about a property through Council's Property Search Form

Some searches can only be requested by property owner. If you are not the property owner, you may require the owner's consent and/or appropriate documentation to lodge your request.

Read the Property Search Information Fact Sheet to learn more about each individual land search option.

Rates and water searches

  • Property Search
  • Standard Rate Search
  • Full Rates Search
  • Fast Track Service
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Urgent Special Water Meter Reading

Planning and development certificates

  • Limited Planning and Development Certificate
  • Standard Planning and Development Certificate
  • Full Planning and Development Certificate

Health and environmental searches

  • Records Search & Premises Inspection

Building and plumbing searches

Owners consent is not required for the following building searches:

  • Copy of Certificate of Classification
  • Form 19 Request for Building Information
  • Copy of House Drainage Plan

Owners consent is required for the following building searches:

  • Building & Plumbing Report (includes plans)
  • Building Report (no plans)
  • Building Plans only
  • Commercial Building and Plumbing Report (includes plans)
  • Building and Plumbing Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Building only Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Commercial Building and Plumbing Compliance Inspection and Report
  • Certificate of Classification and Inspection
  • Copy of Building or Plumbing Final Certificate
  • Pool Fence Compliance
  • Pool Safety Certificate