Removal structures application

This information is designed to assist you with the preparation of the required documentation for a building application for a relocated building or addition, so it can be assessed in a timely manner.

Please note: applications without all the necessary information generally experience processing delays.

Removal house applications are processed in two (2) stages.

1.1 The first stage is the assessment of the proposed building against Council's Amenity & Aesthetics Resolution (A & A). Only upon the successful completion of this part can the application proceed to the second stage. The proposal must satisfy the Performance Criteria contained within table 3 of the (A & A) Amenity & Aesthetics Resolution.

1.2 The Second stage is the actual Building & Plumbing works application, where a Development Permit will be issued.

Note: The currency period for a resited dwelling is 12 months. Full reinstatement of the building including all plumbing work must be completed within the 12 month period from the date of approval. If works remain incomplete by the end of the currency period, applicants must apply for an Extension of Time before the currency period lapses. Extensions of time are not guaranteed, and each situation is assessed on its individual circumstances. A request to extend the currency period form is available below.

Request to re-activate/extend currency period of approval71KB

Stage 1.1

STEP 1 – Lodging an Amenity & Aesthetics Application

STEP 2 – Complete the Necessary IDAS form for Amenity & Aesthetics Application

STEP 3 – Supporting Information for A & A Lodgement

STEP 4 – Surety Bond

STEP 5 – Disconnection of Sewerage Service (for removal from a sewered site within the Shire)

Stage 1.2

STEP 6 – Building application

Stage 1.3

STEP 7 – Plumbing application

STEP 8 – Complete the checklist

STEP 9 – Complete the IDAS forms

STEP 10 – Submit your application

STEP 11 – Approval and inspections

STEP 12 – Final inspection and Form 21 Certificate


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