Tozer Park Road Chemical Fire


15 December 2022:

Council have been advised by the insurance company for Sun Chem that the site clean up is continuing and Council have been advised the site is now free of asbestos. Investigations are also underway to determine the scope of works to remediate the site and the adjacent Council owned land.


07 December 2022: 

Contractors have started the demolition and removal of chemicals from the site. A chemist and industrial hygienist is on site conducting air testing to ensure the public and residents safety during the process.

The demolition work on site is expected to largely be completed by the end of this week, with further remediation of Councils assets to occur after this. Council officers conucted a letterdrop to surrounding residents.


1 December 2022: staff are conducting a survey (in the rain) of about 55 residences, the purpose of this is to assess the extent of any Environmental nuisance that may be a result of the fire.

With the current rainfall we are having the bunded areas sucked out and the contaminated water removed from site. This will continue over the remaining rainfall event.

There was recently a large chemical fire on Tozer Park Road.

The address of the incident was 7 Tozer Park Road, Gympie and post this event

Gympie Regional Council Environmental Health staff, in conjunction with Queensland Fire and Emergency Service have conducted a suite of testing of the site to ensure the site is safe.

While there are no overarching concerns it is important, for your own health that if you experience any sort of respiratory issue, (finding it hard to breathe or have a pre-existing respiratory disease), please contact your healthcare provider.

Additionally, if you experienced or are experiencing any other, symptoms you think maybe related to the fire incident; please contact your health care provider.

The Department of Environment and Science are currently assessing the fire site for any other environmental concerns, which may be present.

Please refrain for entering or going near the site.

Especially be mindful of pets of children in your care, which may inadvertently approach the site.

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions in relation to this matter please do not hesitate to call council on 1300 307 800.