Slow but determined; turtles are on the move!


Our region’s freshwater turtles spend most of their time in rivers, lakes, creeks and farm dams. However, in November we tend to see an increase in movement as many turtles are looking for the perfect spot to nest and lay their eggs. 

Needing to find their ideal spot, turtles often find themselves in danger of being hit by vehicles as they travel over land and roads to migrate between bodies of water. While driving near any freshwater source, it is important to slow down and keep an eye out. If you find an injured turtle, report it to a wildlife carer - ANARRA (5484 9111) or 1300 ANIMAL. 

Once the turtles find a nest, the risk doesn’t stop there. Typically, the nests are well hidden along river banks and usually away from walking paths. But unrestrained dogs and foxes may be able to find the nests and dig up the eggs. This will destroy a whole year's breeding effort for one of our endangered species.

Councillor Jess Milne shares how our community can help out our native friends.

“It’s important to ensure your dog is on a lead and under your control every time you go for a walk. Dogs are not permitted to be off-leash in a public space, apart from dedicated off-leash parks of course. 

“This is especially important at this time of year as so many of our native wildlife are raising their vulnerable young.  

“I want to remind the community to record turtle sightings using our Wildwatch Gympie app. It’s a fantastic app that allows users to share sightings of our region’s threatened and priority native animals, including koalas, platypus and more. 

“And remember, if you find an injured animal please call a wildlife carer and report the incident via the Wildwatch Gympie” she said.

For more information on Wildwatch Gympie and how to report sightings visit,

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